Future Home Realty

A Wordpress site to illustrate the benefits of joining one of Florida's largest real estate companies.

Future Home Realty is one of Florida's largest real estate agencies. The company is agent focused- with lower fees than their competitors, their agents can earn more. The site is two sites in one: Future Home Realty exhibits the benefits of FHR for home buyers and sellers, while JoinFHR features content catered to agents. The agent side is feature rich, including the ability to book training sessions, remotely attend video trainings, and utilize a tool where agents can calculate how much more they'll earn by joining FHR. We built the site in Wordpress, which enabled us to retain and build upon years of content and a database of thousands of agents.

The site is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, giving equal access to users who rely on assistive technology to browse the web. ADA compliance is a win for FHR, their audience and us as well.

Site Building