YEI Engineers

Brand redesign and a flexible Drupal site to showcase projects.

YEI is an Oakland-based engineering firm with an impressive portfolio of municipal and commercial projects to showcase from their over 40 years in business. It was time for a new website, and they were looking for something that would allow them to easily manage and organize their content internally, without having to rely on developers to make updates. 

We built them a robust Drupal 8 site, with an easy to use management interface that lets them create and organize their featured projects while providing an intuitive project search interface for potential customers. Included in this is a custom "related projects" listing that dynamically populates based on a combination of project components in order to help site users find what they are looking for.

On top of this, we also facilitated a brand refresh, complete with a new logo. Now they have a website that is appropriately representative of the quality of the services they offer!

yei website

Site Building