Synapse Product Development

From concept to finished product, we provide expertise to companies that value a trusted partner. 

From Concept To Finished Product

Synapse is a full-service product development and consultancy firm that helps world class companies realize innovative product visions. They've been responsible for groundbreaking products from the biggest brands, helping execute down to the finest detail. We fill a complementary role for them by helping make their marketing vision real on the web. 

We've been responsible for their web presence since 2012, when we were called in to build a new Drupal 7 site to show off their potential and expertise. As they have grown, we've worked closely with their marketing department to execute numerous style refreshes and many technical initiatives. This has included incorporating dynamic job listings from third party hiring services, SSO (single-sign-on) for active employees, and standalone landing pages that are used by clients for product pitches. 


API Integration
Ongoing Support
User Experience

"It's hard to find people so easy to work with! Their personalized approach has been instrumental in moving our project forward and simply made working with their team a joy. Over the last few years, Eclipse has been crucial to the upkeep of our website offering strategic suggestions and insights keeping it relevant in the marketplace."

Jackie Johanson
Design and Marketing Manager