Sonoma Land Trust

Sonoma Land Trust came to us with a unique problem: they loved the design of their new website but took issue with the slow back end caused by a bloated theme. Their site had been built with one of the most favored "everything but the kitchen sink" Wordpress themes that are popular for site builders. Those themes are popular because they make site building easy but their massive codebase can result in a slow site and cumbersome editing experience.

Sonoma requested that we rebuild the site using a custom built theme that would keep the current design but be much easier and faster for site editors. We decided to build a robust theme that utilizes the wonderful new block editing interface "Gutenberg" available on Wordpress. This approach gave the client the ability to reuse blocks that are customized to fit their design while also accessing the pre-built blocks that come standard in the Gutenberg editor. They ended up with the ability to create more dynamic page layouts, reduce their need for extra plugins, have a more intuitive interface and reduced site load time.

Ongoing Support

Eclipse Media did a wonderful job with the retheme of our website. It was no small undertaking and Eclipse did an excellent job, while staying within budget and keeping in close communication as the project progressed. We are very happy with the result!

Heather Ah San

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