Songbird Floristry

A robust questionnaire to help build perfect floral plans for events and weddings. Built using Drupal Commerce and the Webform module for Drupal 8.

A Elegant Flower Planning Tool

Songbird Floristry came to us looking for an e-commerce site to sell floral arrangements for weddings and other events. But they wanted something more than a normal e-commerce site. They wanted a highly customized planning tool that would help users decide the types and quantity of floral arrangements they would need for their event based on style preferences, guest count and more. Since we relish opportunities to create novel solutions for our clients problems, this site was a pleasure to build.

Ongoing Support
Site Building
User Experience
The team at Eclipse has been great! They worked with me at my pace and were flexible to changes. As a one-person business, I was especially grateful for their willingness to get into the weeds and help me figure out the technical implications of various design decisions that ultimately yielded an ecommerce site that I’m really happy with.
Robyn Hunter, Songbird Floristry


The heart of this site is the detailed floral Planning Tool. The user is asked a short series of questions designed to help them decide everything about their flower needs, starting with color and general style preferences and working all the way through to the various floral components that make a wedding or event complete. 


The tool is built using the totally refactored Webform module for Drupal 8, which opens up endless possibility for custom integration to developers. Layered in behind the scenes is a custom date-picker tool that allows webmasters to block off selected dates through an administrative dashboard, as well as a handy proximity-based delivery calculator that helps estimate costs based on event location.