Outdoor Project

From founding to funding, we helped this startup achieve their vision and become a leader in their industry.

From Founding to Funding

Outdoor Project is a community-minded, visually rich online resource for hikers, campers, backpackers, and others looking for unforgettable outdoor experiences. Their content is community sourced, but curated by a meticulous team of content editors in order to keep quality standards high. 

We partnered with them from the start to plan and build an MVP prototype. Over their first four years, we helped scale them to become a feature-rich leader in the industry that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. In this time, we were responsible for developing and maintaining all aspects of the site, including developing custom content management tools, building a unique advanced search functionality, managing heavy traffic loads, and helping monetize that traffic using Google DFP and Adwords. We also played a role in guiding the vision and direction of the company as it grew to eventually close a Series A round of investment in 2017. 




API Integration
Site Building
User Experience