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Dorey Design Group just wrapped up development on a beautiful new responsive Drupal site for Oniqua under the direction of designer Jon Anderson of Anderson Creative. The new Oniqua.com allows their administrators to create a variety of custom sliders, carousels, and other widgets, giving them complete control over page content and layout in an easy-to-use admin interface. 

One of the primary requirements for this site was integration with the Hubspot marketing platform. Dorey Design created a custom solution which ties each resource request link to a form that has been configured in Hubspot. When the end user clicks a call-to-action link to download a resource, they’ll be presented with a form which feeds into Hubspot. If the user requests another resource — either during the same browsing session or at another time in the future — rather than being asked to fill out the same information again they’ll receive a form asking an additional question or two, which continues to build their profile in Oniqua’s marketing database.