Monarch Astrology

Monarch Astrology is one of our longtime clients. Sabrina Monarch practices Evolutionary Astrology and her Wordpress site uses WooCommerce to allow users to book astrology readings, as well as hosting podcast episodes and blog posts. For this site rebuild, after consulting to help determine the best path forward for her and her business, we helped Sabrina to completely reorganize the site's content, sourced a modern Wordpress theme and customized it according to her needs. 


Ongoing Support

"The website looks great and they were able to do everything I had asked for, as well as showing me how to do many of the things for myself. Where I did not have the exact language or technical awareness to describe what I was looking for, they were able to intuit what I was talking about, translate, and then solidify that part of my vision for the project in the actual results and set up of the website."

Sabrina Monarch
Owner - Monarch Astrology