Igor Institute

A bleeding-edge design with rock solid architecture for a company who embodies both.

We love when we get to work with a client long enough to be involved in multiple generations of their web presence- the initial site for the then newly-formed Igor Institute was one of our first Drupal 7 projects, and we are lucky enough to still get to be a part of their strategy.

As a product design company, the Igor Institute is always pushing the frontiers of what is possible, so they wanted to have a website that did the same. We built this Drupal 8 site in collaboration with Paper Crane Factory, who dreamed up the design. What makes this website special is its user experience: content is laid out horizontally and it utilizes movement in a very engaging way. In building those features, we overcame a few technical hurdles with the horizontal scroll to ensure it works perfectly across all modern browsers and expanded our toolkit for movement user experience as well. We think the end result is both engaging and aesthetically pleasing— a perfect balance to represent the client’s brand.

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