Concordia University

Because we all do better when we have the tools to effect change. 

A Guiding Hand

Concordia is a private Portland-based university that offers a comprehensive curriculum of both undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines.

Initially tasked in 2013 with helping convert their law school site from a static build to Drupal 7, we've since become the primary development arm for 5+ sites for various branches of their organization, including an intranet site and the primary site for the University. Like many of our long term projects, we were not responsible for the initial development of their site. One of our developmental / organizational strengths lies in figuring out how things are built in order to improve and expand upon them.

On top of helping keep their sites secure and developing new initiatives, we also provide consulting and support to a marketing / webmaster team that is capable of managing the majority of their efforts internally. We build things so that they can keep their organization running without relying on an internal development team, and they call on us when things go beyond their comfort level or when they want an expert opinion. 

Ongoing Support
Site Building

"It’s been a pleasure to have a consultant like Eclipse Media Solutions in our roster. They have always been responsive, knowledgeable, detailed and fast on delivery, all at a reasonable price point. I’d highly recommend them based on their extensive Drupal experience and their ability to come up with quick solutions."

Dana Thomas
Web Communications Director