What to Look for When Choosing a Web Design Firm


Here at Dorey Design Group, we do a lot of design work in house, but we also work with many of the Northwest’s best design firms. When looking for a design firm to create a new website, site owners should keep several things in mind.

First, understand that many designers are focused on print work and may not be aware of the unique challenges of doing design for the web. If a website design is what you’re looking for, ask the designer about work they’ve specifically done for websites.
Second, be aware that designing for the web involves factors that aren’t an issue in print advertising. A print ad should have compelling graphics and copy that supports the overall brand messaging strategy. A website must do the same, but in addition must have architecture that is inviting and usable.
Third, be aware that design is not an “add on” --it’s an essential piece of your web presence, and it can be expensive. The best designers are worth every penny, and low budget amateurs probably are not. If you’re trying to limit costs, ask the designer to tailor something to your budget. Most design professionals would be happy to give you their advice on the most beneficial way to get the biggest impact from a small amount of money.
And finally, understand that design can be a very personal thing. Just as a writer has a “voice,” so does a designer. The goal should always be to find a designer that can present your business the way you want it to be presented. That’s not always an easy thing, and the designers who can take your ideas and create an accurate and appealing graphic representation of them are demonstrating a very valuable skill.
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