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How do I get email marketing to be more effective?


How do I get more conversions on my website?


Good Copy.


We don't realize the power of copywriting. Whether we are a customer or a company, too often we underestimate how much copywriting is working or isn’t working.

At Dorey Design Group we primarily build websites, for open content management systems like Drupal or WordPress, but there is nothing worse than investing in a new website and end up with no one visiting your site. Not only do we here at DDG want to build you a beautiful responsive website, we want to ensure that your website exceeds your company’s goals. 

The Nitty Gritty

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The first example of good copywriting can be found in email marketing. You might be asking yourself, does email marketing work?

Marketing School stated that email marketing generates up to $40.56 for every $1 invested. Now, if that doesn't get you to open up your email, I don't know what will.

So, how do I get that statistic to include my business?

The effectiveness of email marketing can never be overstated. Its fast, convenient, and easily accessible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new brand or an established brand all you need is the right email marketing strategy.

This starts with good copywriting.

chipotle gifemail marketing

This is a great example from Postmates, as they use a gif to enhance their message with a strong call to action. It’s funny and memorable, but it's not necessarily something you would be mad to see in your inbox.

This is the key for marketing and copywriting. Craft a message that people connect with or enjoy in a way that seems like, “Yeah, that sounds great!”. You want your copy in your emails to be similar to when a barista asks you if you want another shot of espresso in your latte. You're not sure if this barista is upselling you or trying to help you, all you know is the answer is yes, please!

People want to be understood, but more if you can solve a problem for them that’s something real, this connects to them on a deeper level. This is how you know if you have good copy for emails.

Another example of this would be by Peel.

iPhone Charger

Here, they understand people hate one thing when it comes to iPhones, and that's when they are dead. So, what they are giving you is your freedom back. Freedom to no longer be tied to a wall while your phone charges. On top of this, they don’t tangle. The first thing I would think about with an extra-long cord is an extra-long knot. They're making my life simpler, better.

Good copywriting taps into your emotions and influences your decisions.

The next example of this would be a landing page for a website.

Landing page

Seaside Wealth Management's mission is for you to meet your financial goals. The power of their brand really shines with the message of financial peace combined with the image of the family by the ocean. This is followed with a strong call to action labeled, “Discover the Seaside Experience.”

The beauty of this landing page is a core human emotion of finding peace for you and your family. With this landing page, they are reinforcing their brand while explaining their story. The power of story is where copywriting is at its best.

Another example of a great landing page would be Basecamp.

Good landing page example

Basecamp’s landing page relates to anyone who has been disorganized, frustrated, or scheduled something on the wrong day.  Things we have all gone though. The good news? Basecamp solves those problems.

What Basecamp does here is give you a 30-day free trial with no obligations and no credit card information. Followed by social proof of all the companies that use Basecamp, and how much Basecamp has helped them.

The biggest thing that stops someone from clicking on your call to action button is:


Fear that this isn’t a good idea or isn’t worth it, or regret it after signing up.  All of this fear is disposed of with their social proof, and the lack of trust I even have in them is lessened by not being required to provide my credit card information, and I get a 30-day free trial.

Bringing it all together.

Creativity is key in understanding your business and what you're giving people, and how to market that thing differently. How to use images and words to relate to your audience in a way that connects them to who you are, while you understand their struggles and how to make their lives better.

Color, layout, images, and copy are the tools for a website or an email or even an advertisement. Understanding the best ways to communicate your business is not easy, and should take a lot of time. Design is a process of continually refining, your first prototype, your first slogan won’t be your best. And I think there is freedom in knowing that. Knowing if your first couple ideas aren’t great that you can keep working knowing this is a process and it’s not about your first or last idea but what is in between.


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