Eclipse Gives


We are proud to have recently created a program to give back to our community each year through both time and financial donations. We feel this program is an important step in our continued effort to not just support our team, but to support our community as well.

2020 introduced a lot of challenges for our company, including our team’s ability to come together and volunteer our time in person. In lieu of that we were able to make a more significant financial donation. While we look forward to volunteering our time in addition to financial support we are excited to have begun this program and are eager to continue to grow our contributions each year.

In the fall of 2020 our team generated a short list of potential organizations to support. Everyone on the team voted on their top choices. Our first recipient was the Immigrants and Refugees Community Organization which is a Portland-based non-profit that empowers immigrants and refugees through education, legal services, housing and more. They mostly operate in Portland but have recently expanded to Ontario, Oregon as well. You can learn more about the great work they do on their website.

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Kyle Roden
Web Developer

Kyle has more than five years of management and teaching experience. In addition to being the resident grammarian, he styles and builds features for new projects in addition to completing client requests for style and content updates.