Covad Netopia 4622-xl-t Router password reset & more


Username: admin
Password: admin

I just inherited a Netopia 4622-xl-t router it was a leftover from a clients network upgrade. I wanted learn about how it works, and since they are not worth very much I was hoping to see if there was a way I could re-program it to do load balancing and fail over on our network.

The reason I am posting this is because it is a COVAD branded Netopia, and COVAD routers have passwords, the standard version of this router does not. So after about 10 tries I guessed the correct username and password combo, and POOF! I was in. now to see what this thing can do.

First off I would of guessed that when you reset the device it would delete all of the custom settings and revert back to the factory default settings the device, but if you have a COVAD branded version of the 4622-xl-t your default settings are going to be slightly different. The difference is a hard coded username and password – see above – Another quirk about this device is the way you initiate a hard reset, unlike most devices that have a hole in which you insert a pointy object such as a pencil or paper clip, the 4622-xl-t has a hole where you insert a whole paper clip, (read: do not un-bend it) by inserting the rounded end of a paper clip you short out 2 pins on the mother board and this resets the router. I guess the folks at Netopia saved about .25 by not including a small reset switch. What a smart way to design the motherboard, not only does Netopia save money, it also helps save the environment by not creating another item that will eventually be sent to a landfill. Too bad other companies are not doing this.

To connect to this device you will need to use telnet and navigate through some very intuitive text based screens, the Netopia command prompt driven configuration screens are easy to use and the terminology is very clear even for a novice network person. This is testimony to the fact that Motorola have learned a thing or 2 about text based navigation over the past 50 or so years.

So what can I get this thing to do...? Well not much besides functioning as a gateway for a t1 circuit. I guess I could upgrade the firmware to an unsupported version and cross my fingers that this device doesn't turn into a paper weight, or I could just do a few hours of billable client work and buy a device that will do exactly what I need it to do.


Conclusion The Netopia 4622-xl-t is a great t1 router, but adapting this device to function as something else is a complete waste of time.


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