3 Steps to Get More People to Read Your Blog


Growing your blogs views

You wanna check your latest blog post.

You open your computer.

Your computer takes longer to load than it used to, and you're already starting to get mildly annoyed.

After you’ll seen the results, you're more than annoyed...

And you kind of feel like that one time when no one came to your birthday party in 6th grade.

It’s frustrating.

Why aren’t readers flocking to my blog?

Why are my email subscribers so low?

Don't people understand how funny I am?

Life is hard, and blogging can be too, but it doesn't have to. It doesn’t have to be something you're crossing your fingers for, and hoping something might change.

It's not wishful thinking that's going to save your blog, it's a new blog strategy.

If you want to have a successful blog then you need to have a simple blog strategy. This will increase the amount of your readers for your blog. We don’t need any complex 20-page marketing plan, we just need to follow these three steps:


  1. Who is your number one fan


Remember track or volleyball in middle school, where you weren’t very good at all, but there was that one person, that one person who thought you were everything. Maybe it was your mom, your relative, or maybe it was your coach, who was just trying to make you feel better.

The point being:

Find that one person for your blog and write to them.

Yes, you might be aiming to gain 100 to 10,000 blog readers, but you can't write something interesting to that many people. Find your one fan, and give them your world.


Do you think Stephen King thinks about everyone that reads his books?

In his book, “On Writing”, King tells us he writes for only one reader- his wife. He doesn’t care about the millions of people who read his book he thinks to himself, “What will Tabitha think about this section?”.

This is how we have conversations, this is how we build relationships, and this is how people will continue to read our blog. This will instantly make your content more engaging, personal and persuasive.

Do you know your one fan?

Could you text your one fan, “Hey, do you think this picture will be fire on Instagram or is it too much?”. Could you text your one fan and ask them what they think about your latest blog post?

This might seem “too much”, but you really need to know this person. Visualize your one fan, go beyond demographics. Understand their dreams, understand their struggles because that's how humanity relates to each other. I would suggest filling out this form on your one fan. https://www.enchantingmarketing.com/freepdfs/


2. Keep your readers reading


When someone lands on your page they do one of two things:

They leave right away.

Or they stick around.

This is how you can get them to stick around. It’s called “Bucket Brigades” this increases the amount of time a reader stays on our blog. Placing words and sentences at the beginning and throughout your article will keep your readers to stick around. Some of the classic’s look like this:


  • Now: 
  • This is crazy:
  • Want to know the best part?
  • What's the bottom line?


This has been an old strategy when advertising firms would write long copy, but didn’t want to lose their readers. It’s important to keep the person reading.

Another way to do this is with line breaks. The idea is to only express one idea in each paragraph.

And sometimes, only having a single line.

This improves readability and makes your article more enjoyable. Another way to improve readability is having sub-headlines that give your reader a reason for sticking around.

At the same time, don’t promise too much that it seems too hyped, but something that will still be powerful.

When your readers are enjoying your article, Google thinks: “This is a great page. Let’s give it a ranking boost”. But when people leave your site, Google drops you. This plays a huge role in SEO and how people find your blog.

Most people only stay on a site for 30 seconds, and if you stay longer than a minute Google likes you and if it's less than 10 seconds Google doesn’t like you.

Now, I know SEO can seem boring. But this strategy will make your readers happy and Google.


3. SEO is important


If you Google your blog’s name, you probably come up close to the top. However, getting more people to find you is important, and that’s where is SEO comes into play.

How is that done?

First, look at your titles and your descriptions, and see how they lines up with other people in the industry. 

This could be other bloggers or ads on Google, anything people are paying for, means it had a lot of time and money put towards it. So, it’s helpful to see what are good titles and if yours looks like something someone would want to click on.

Another thing we can do is keywords.

Build your blog around keywords relevant to your topics. This creates a system where your blog comes up whenever someone searches for those keywords.

But if your keywords are a little generic, and a lot of people are trying to get those keywords, sometimes it’s too competitive. So, in this case it’s helpful to use long-tail keywords. These are more focused on what people are searching for. So, rather than technology and computers, as key words for example, give a competitive analysis between two competing companies.

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